December 26, 2007

Thanks, and Goodbye

It was after many, many months of deliberating that I reached decision to stop my active involvement in ResearchTrail. Many factors argued for and against staying, but two won out:

  • Evolving professional interests (more on that later...)
  • The juggling got too heavy to remain enjoyable, especially since there were far more important things I feared I was just about to "drop"
Letting go of your "baby" is very hard, but I'll always remain a proud parent seeing it flourish. ResearchTrail continues as strong as ever, and I look forward to see it launch very soon.
So to Judy and David, thank you for your trust and openness and friendship.
And to the regular readers of Creativivi, thanks for accompanying me in this rollercoaster. You can certainly expect more life juggling, idea bouncing, and Web & Work 2.0 explorations going forward.
In other words, stay tuned for part 2.

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