May 08, 2006

My Kids - the introduction

ABOUT BEN (Two years, 8 months)
Ben likes music. He makes up the lyrics to his own songs. Knows the names of about 12 instruments, and pretends to play the guitar with a fork at the dinner table.
He is determined, strong, agile and loudspoken. He also gives the sweetest kisses and best hugs.
Ben sucks his thumb, especially when he's tired, or bored, or angry, or anxious.
He knows most of the letters of the Hebrew and English alphabets, and can switch back and forth beetween Spanish and Hebrew with ease.
In him I see things I would have liked to be and often I see the worst of myself repackaged in male format. Then I have to remind myself that he's only two.

ABOUT YAEL (10 months)
She's beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. Blue, almond-shaped eyes and red cheeks.
Yael doesn't stop moving for one second. She can climb stairs. Cruises across furniture. Feeds herself Cheerios, bread, meat, avocado, yogurt (with her fingers, of course).
Absolutely refuses to take a bottle. Fortunately she can drink alone from a cup (water only - don't even try to sneak her formula) and make herself heard across the room.
Grins. Smiles. Shows you her toothless gums every opportunity she has.
Is in love with Ben. And Ben with her, as long as it doensn't mean sharing his guitar with her.