April 03, 2006

A Toddler Survival Kit

Every parent should receive a present for their kid's first birthday - not a cake or a diploma or a weekend retreat spa in a Polynesian resort and spa (leave kid with grandparents) -but something much more precious: a Toddler Survival Kit.
The kit is a real, tangible collection of tools to educate, calm or entertain your toodler at those times when you are dying of hunger, there is nothing in the kitchen, the house is dirty, your neighbor wants to drop by with HER kids, and (I'm not talking about a membership to a "discover your inner self" course or something esotheric) that must be kept handy at all times. A smaller, travel companion kit should be included free of charge.
My version of the kit has the following:
1. I small box of yellow-box Cheerios, ready-cooked pasta, dried apricot halves and a cute (disposable) tiny bottle of water
2. Stamps and stickers of different colors, sizes and shapes and small coloring book to fil it
3. Magnetic drawing board -hours of fun, no mess
4. A Baby Einstein video/DVD or two
5. Bubbles - lots of bubbles
6. An old magazine with pictures of airplanes, trucks, the sun and the moon - favorite themes with Ben from age 12 to 25 months
7. Colorfun bracelets, ketchans and a
broken cell phone for those calls to Mickey Mouse
8. Grandma on call (so what if she lives in Guatemala...)

Ben is now two-and-a-half so I need to move on to a Level 3 Toddler Survival Kit (advice sought) But now that Yael is cruising, babbling and approaching her first birthday (AAAAAAHHHHHH), ehem, I am effectively posting my new Toddler Survival Kit wishlist. Contributions and donations, and suggestions, to this email address, please.