December 12, 2007

Saluting the people formerly known as "consumers"

After getting bored with LeWeb3's own version of Buzzword bingo during a couple of the sessions this morning, I was very much drawn into what Gerd Leonhard had to say about the future of media.

Not that his session wansn't peppered with some of the terms of BS Bingo, but unlike some of the others presenters, he actually used these to add to the conversation something more than fluff.
Some of the highlights:

  • You don’t make money with protection. You make money with engagement.
    In other words. We’re all pirates.
  • Control – the most crucial subject for the future of media. The distribution channels are changing. [Remember Porter's Five Forces?]
  • Radio was illegal for 15 yrs in Europe and 20 yrs in the US. The solution? Change the law. This was catalyzed by none other than the people... that is, the people formerly known as consumers
  • User generated really, user generated context

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