February 24, 2008

Izhar Ashdot's new video: fiddle, guitar and grey hair

I always liked T-slam, but ever since our friend Isaac took us to see Izhar Ashdot live some 6 yrs ago, I got absolutely hooked.
Head-over-heals-hooked. Addicted.
To the point that my husband is convinced the reason for our 4-year-old's addiction to music is found in those 9 months of constant prenatal soundwaves from Ashdot's guitar.
Today I found this new clip (very sorry I missed his live performance). A sample of Izhar Ashdot at his best, with just a dash of Irish music. Enjoy!


Tony Berkman said...

Thanks for sharing that clip. I have never heard of him before. Really great stuff.

Vivi said...

Thanks Tony. I fell in love with his music the first time I heard him. Best album, I think, is his Hard Rock Cafe concert recorded live some 15 years ago...

Izhar Ashdot said...

Hi Vivi,

I stumbled upon your blog and read the beautiful words you wrote about my music.

Thank you and have a great new year!


Vivi said...

A true honor. Hope you keep doing more of the same great music for many years to come. Chag Sameach!