November 07, 2007

Tectonic Plates of Information

A recent article on The New Yorker talks about the discontents of digitization of content (specifically books on the attempt to create a "universal library") What caught my eye is its eloquent description of the real challenge ahead [parts in bold are my emphasis]

"...The supposed universal library, then, will be not a seamless mass of books, easily linked and studied together, but a patchwork of interfaces and databases, some open to anyone with a computer and WiFi, others closed to those without access or money. The real challenge now is how to chart the tectonic plates of information that are crashing into one another and then to learn to navigate the new landscapes they are creating...... "

This goes waaaay beyond books; it applies to all information (online or off, free or for-fee, old and new). I can just hear my favorite info pro saying "But of course, every person worth spending two minutes with knows that not everything they need/want to know is reachable by googling ve zehu."

Nope. Guess we all need a reminder here and there, before we continue wasting time and effort on fruitless search. (Just don't tell me you found this entry through Google)

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