August 23, 2007

Naming your kids Web 2.0 times?

It suddenly dawned on me.
While looking at possibilities for naming certain elements of my new venture, I realized that naming your kids had just gotten much more complicated.
People currently search the web to browse popular names, learn more about meanings, maybe even Google a name or two to get a feel for spellings, variations, and current bearers (hopefully famous).

I'm guessing some are now using zillions of Facebook polls and Yahoo Answers questions to help make the decision. But will these folks alsocheck the domain name for availability as a main criterion ( As in )

Hmm. It gets worse.

  • Will worth more than dot net or dot info? Skip the dashes and underscores, of course.
  • Startup! Special suffixes for those under 18 who are yet to claim their domain? Obvious candidate: dot kid.
  • Will there be a new generation of kids named Tylr or

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Ido Angel said...

Great post!
Love your English, and your way with words and thoughts.